On a beautiful morning in October the Knights of San Antonio, Texas were the first in the United States to deliver the gift of brand new wheelchairs to retired bishops and priests at their retirement residence. Welcomed by the 4th degree color corps in full regalia, this event was a great way to honor the importance of all our clergy.

Led by Archbishop Gomez, the delegation of clergy, Knights and family members embraced the residents of the home and let them know loud and clear how much their service to the church and the community meant to everyone.

Supreme Advocate John Marrella and his wife Amey attended the ceremonial distribution of wheelchairs. “It was a fantastic experience,” John said, “just being able to show our appreciation to the retired clergy and give them new wheelchairs.”

Texas state wheelchair coordinator Sam Szalwinski spoke to the group and stated that retired clergy in the state of Texas will always have the wheelchairs they need.

Archbishop Gomez spoke and then blessed the wheelchairs and all of the attendees of the ceremony.

In attendance were also Bishop Emeritus Bernard Popp, Bishop Tom Flanagan and Archbishop Emeritus Patrick Flores who stole the show with a short speech and a song.

It was a wonderful event that is just the first in getting wheelchairs to retired clergy and religious people throughout the country.

The San Antonio Knights wish to thank Sister Mary Ellen Cullen for coordinating the mobility needs of the residents and Padua Place.