In late 2009, a young man named Tyler Hochman took on the task of delivering a container of 280 wheelchairs to Israel as a part of his Bar Mitzvah project, and conducted hands-on wheelchair distributions in the Los Angeles area to create a video about his project.

Now two years later, Tyler’s 13 year-old younger brother Harrison, has come of the age to take on his own Bar Mitzvah project. Harrison’s goal is to raise enough money to sponsor an ocean freight container of 280 brand-new wheelchairs to the immobile residents of South Africa. He was inspired to initiate this project by his older brother Tyler, on the trip to Israel in 2010 where Harrison, along with his parents and siblings, were all able to participate in the hands-on delivery of wheelchairs. “When I went into somebody’s home, it made me feel much more connected to the person,” explains Harrison, “as opposed to just delivering wheelchairs to a hospital, where you don’t actually get to meet the recipient. It was a really good feeling knowing that I could make a difference.”

Harrison is creating awareness about his project by personally delivering wheelchairs to various locations around the Los Angeles area, such as the Convalescent Aid Society. Harrison and his dad also visited the Volunteers of America Center for the Homeless, where they were warmly received by supervisor, George Thomas. “I think you’re doing a great job,” Thomas told Harrison. “I believe in my heart that God has given you this task to do.”

His goal is to raise $42,000 needed to sponsor the delivery of 280 brand new wheelchairs to people throughout South Africa without mobility or the ability to purchase a wheelchair. Each wheelchair would sell for over $500 in a medical supply store, but because of the large volume purchases directly from the factory, each wheelchair can be delivered for a donation of only $150 each. At retail this container of wheelchairs would cost $140,000.

Because of Harrison’s dedicated efforts, children will be able to go to school, adults will be able to go to work and provide for their families and the elderly can get out of a bed they may have been confined to for years and rejoin society or family activities. The gift of a wheelchair changes an average of 10 lives and delivers the gifts of Hope, Freedom, Dignity and Independence.

The gift of mobility answers prayers and makes dreams come true.

Please watch the featured video about Harrison’s project and click on the Donate button, or on the downloadable donation form below to support his mission of improving our world.



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