Meet Tess Danielson: a young lady on a mission. Having overcome both brain surgery and heart surgery in one year, she has seen first-hand how it feels to depend on others for mobility.

Tess feels blessed for the outstanding medical care that she received, but realizes that not everybody is so fortunate. Inspired by her experience, she has set out make a difference in the world.

Deciding to give back with the gift of mobility, Tess has chosen Chile as the destination of the wheelchairs she plans to sponsor for her humanitarian project.

To date, the American Wheelchair Mission has delivered thousands of wheelchairs to the people of Chile. Each wheelchair delivered has a positive impact on an average of ten people.

With the help of the American Wheelchair Mission, Tess and her family initially delivered several hundred wheelchairs to the residents of American Samoa in 2015, and videotaped her experiences. There she witnessed the immediate impact the gift of a wheelchair could have on entire families.

This is the kind of work we do. Giving mobility to a child, teen or adult immediately improves the quality of their life, and the lives of every member of their family. The gift of freedom allows a person to be a part of their community, attend school, go to work to provide for their family, or get out of a bed they may have been in for sometimes five, ten, or fifteen years. A wheelchair gives a person hope, dignity, and independence.

We are changing lives and answering prayers! The inspiration behind Tess’s story touches hearts everywhere, but the best part is that you can make a difference too. $150 dollars sponsors and delivers a brand-new wheelchair to a person in need, giving them the gift of mobility and changing their life forever.

Each gift of $150 enables us to deliver a wheelchair that would cost more than $500 in a medical supply store. These wheelchairs are delivered in ocean freight containers of 280 wheelchairs each, and allow children to go to school, adults to go to work to provide for their families, and the elderly to get out of a bed they may have been confined to for years.

Please support Tess and help her answer prayers and make dreams come true for Chilean children, teens and adults in dire need of mobility.