A major focus of the American Wheelchair Mission is to supply thousands of wheelchairs to children throughout Latin America. In association with Oritel the international organization of Teletón rehabilitation facilities for children, we are delivering wheelchairs in all of the 13 countries where they operate. Children can go to school, be independent and live fuller, happier lives because of a wheelchair. Established in 1978 by Mario (Don Francisco) Kreutzberger, the Chilean Teletón to benefit children with disabilities has grown into a network of televised “Teletóns” in 13 Latin American countries, and has allowed for the creation of 82 rehabilitation and medical centers for children that serve 75,000 children per year.

The centers operate in:

Brazil  |  Mexico
Chile  |  Nicaragua
Costa Rica  |  Panama
Colombia  |  Paraguay
El Salvador  |  Peru
Guatemala  |  Uruguay

Working in collaboration with the Global Wheelchair Mission, the goal is to deliver wheelchairs into the lives of children who are without mobility and provide a new way of life for each recipient and their family.

For more information about Oritel and the Teletón centers, please see the videos and Power Point presentation below.


Powerpoint Presentations

For more pictures from our distributions throughout Mexico, please visit Randy Hale’s photo galleries here: Guanajuato and Aguascalientes.