Rotary Clubs and Districts have been very involved in the hands-on delivery of many thousands of wheelchairs. This hands-on service project is the number one “bang for your buck” program when people talk about the experience and fulfillment that comes from giving the gift of mobility.

Through the network of Rotary Clubs around the world, this International Service Project has become a hands-on mission between Rotarians in North America, the United Kingdom and Australia, and their distribution partners in countries around the world. Local Rotary Clubs function as the distribution partner in many countries, working with local rehabilitation facilities, hospitals, social workers and governmental agencies to identify the needy recipients of wheelchairs. Wheelchair distribution ceremonies are often planned so the sponsoring Rotarians can travel to that country and help deliver the wheelchairs in person. This allows for greater cooperation between, clubs, districts and the Rotarians doing good for communities around the world.

Tens of thousands of the wheelchairs sponsored and delivered by Rotarians have gone to the victims of Polio.

It is vitally important that all Rotarians support the Rotary Foundation and the PolioPlus campaign to eradicate this vicious disease from the planet once and for all.


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