During our most recent wheelchair delivery to the Port au Prince area of Haiti, children, teens and adults received 280 wheelchairs and 200 pairs of steel forearm crutches, sponsored by the Knights of Puerto Rico and the State of Iowa.

Attending the distribution was Puerto Rico State Deputy Luis Rivera and Program Director Angel Ruiz. The mission was a long time coming from the initial fund raising in Puerto Rico and Iowa, to the final delivery of the sea container filled with mobility aids. Haiti continues to be a very challenging place to deliver humanitarian aid.

Project Medishare is our official distribution partner for Haiti, who arranged the wheelchair distributions at a local school for children with physical and intellectual disabilities, at the Bernard Mev Medical Center, and to the homes of people in need of wheelchairs.

Medishare provides state of the art prosthetics for children, made in the production facility funded by the Knights of Columbus “Healing Haiti’s Children” program.

Approximately 8 million of the 10 million Haitians are Catholic, and they all need our prayers. 80% of the county lives below the poverty line because they suffer from corrupt government on all levels. The hope delivered by the Knights of Columbus to young and old with physical disabilities, is setting a course for a better future for all Haitians, and warms the hearts of those who know the value of unconditional love, coming through the Knights while doing God’s work on earth.