Knights of Columbus across the United States support our nation’s veterans in many ways.  Since 2007, Knights have provided some 7,000 wheelchairs to veterans who are in need of just a little more help.

Working closely with the Department of Veteran’s Affairs and specifically the Voluntary Service Chiefs at VA facilities in many states, local Knights are going above and beyond to do what they can for our veterans.

On Memorial Day 2013 the Orange County Chapter of the Knights of Columbus conducted a wheelchair distribution day at the Long Beach, California VA Hospital, delivering 400 wheelchairs to veterans and their families in need of mobility assistance.

Orange County Chapter President Steve Bolton was awarded the American Wheelchair Mission’s first annual “Emilio B. Moure Spirit Award” in recognition of the incredible effort put forth by Chapter Wheelchair Chairman Jack Cleary and the Knights in some 20 parishes who conducted fund raising drives to raise $80,000 toward the sponsorship of these wheelchairs.

Additional wheelchairs are being delivered by the Orange County Knights, and other groups are coming forward to offer assistance in continuing this program for all of Southern California.

Veterans who were interviewed on Memorial Day commented, “The unselfish nature of the Knights and their families has really touched our hearts.  We stick together because we have to, but the Knights make us feel like we are part of a bigger family.  God bless you for who you are.”  A World War II vet commented, “You guys really know what we need.  Thank you for always being there for us.”

Numerous VA facilities consider Knights to be among the best “go to” supporters for voluntary needs, and we are proud to provide mobility for veterans through the Wheelchair Sunday events coordinated by Knights across the country.